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Big Thank You to our new Sponsors Rossendale Borough Council.

Burnley Bobcats ADM has recently been awarded £500 from the Rossendale Neighbourhood Forum fund.  

As a number of Rossendale residents are members of Bobcats Swim Club, we are hugely grateful to have been awarded this grant. It will be used to purchase a jump mat, which will the enhance core and strength training carried out by the club’s strength and conditioning coach Lewis Fox and further develop the training programme set out by our head coach Noel Horton.

As a club we feel grateful that the work carried out by clubs such as ours is recognised by local forums and so well supported, and  as a Rossendale resident I wish to take the opportunity on behalf of the club to extend our thanks to the members of the forum  and to assure them that this funding will be fully utilused to achieve better outcomes for children and in improving the health and wellbeing of Rossendale residents. 

Weblink:  http://www.rossendale.gov.uk/

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