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Kit Store

Bobcats Cap can be purchased from Lisa and they are £6 each.
Cost for New Kits are:
£28 for x small- Xl 
£32 for  small youth-xxl

Hoodies are £25 including printing and delivery.

£15 T-Shirts for x small- Xl 

£17 T-Shirts for small youth-xxl

£13 Shorts for x small- Xl 

£15 Shorts for small youth-xxl

Orders for kit will be placed every 2 months (if there is demand) as company only accept minimum of 6 orders at a time.

Hoodies can be ordered more regularly as printer is local. please complete the attached order form and hand or email to Lisa.


Hoodie Sizes: Ages 9-10, 11-12, 13yrs. S, M, L

Note- Please check sizes are correct as orders are final once printed.

Payment is via Bobcats bank account on ordering.

Please find attached picture of the Kit and also a copy of the ordering form.


Bobcats T Shirt Sizes

Bobcats Shorts Sizes

Picture of Bobcats T Shirt

Picture of Bobcats Shorts

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